Wall Running

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So i was playing the demo recently and i realized that there is no wall running in the demo. In multiple gameplay videos that were released before the demo it displays raiden running along walls to avoid gunfire and other misc stuff, yet in the demo this ability is strangely absent. i was wondering is this intentional and they are taking out the ability completely, or is there a possibility of earning this ability later on in the actual game with a upgrade of some sort.

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Most likely can get it through upgrades. These type of games are well known for upgradeables like higher jumping, double jump, more combos, etc...

This will be no different.

As for the wall running, I can only assume that it would be an unlockable feature. It would explain why there's a section that looks made for that ability in the demo.

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you played the demo, not the game. you get the left hands of your foe and upgrade the suit.