Sam is destroying me

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I just don't understand this. I started off being basically new to this kinda game (hack-n'-slash). So, I started a game and got murdered by Wolf like 10-15 times before I learned how to parry. Restarted and BREEZED through the game. I destroyed all the bosses very quickly. And now I'm getting murdered by Sam. I can't get him below 50%. I'm having trouble timing the parry on his combo's and don't know what to do once I knock the sword out of his hand. Can anyone tell me how to fight him?

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When you get to the 2nd phase (phase where he loses his sword) you'll have to focus on short combos to take down his health. As for the parry issue, you have to parry WELL in advanced during this phase because his attacks are much faster. Avoid using the sliding tackle move or falling lightning because he will ALWAYS counter it and damage you. The sais are very useful during this phase as well to temporarily stun him if you're having trouble getting in close. I hope this helps you out.

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I don't like Sam...the moves on this metal gear are unpredictable but I guessed the fun part of it all that u have to be precise which makes u think...this Sam guy...I must have played him like 30 times...I need a break!

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