MGR First Review

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According to a tip that GamingEverything received, GamesTM magazine reportedly gave MGR a 9 out of 10. There was much praise for the gameplay, with game time hovering around six to eight hours, and it stated that it was almost certainly the best Metal Gear game released this generation.

GamesTM like Edge magazine is a very strict review scorer with only a few games having perfect scores and only a handfiull getting 9/10. This would indicate that this should translate as possible high scores from other websites then such as ign and gamespot. Hopefully MGR will be amazing.

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6 to 8 hrs?! Aw man. I'm sad. Then again I shouldn't be surprised look at Vanquish. I loved it but no way was I gonna pay full price for a 5hr game.

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I have no doubt MGR will be an amazing game, but best Metal Gear game? Come on now. If it's true than..WOw!

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How can it be the best? Metal Gear Rising is TECHNICALLY the first installment. lol It can't be related to the other Metal Gears. o.o
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Things have been awfully quiet with MGR:R lately. Tight embargoes make me nervous as most of the time it means good but not great for the game. I just want to hear about how long the campaign takes to complete. If it's 6-8 hours for the average playthru then that means 8-10 for mme because I tend to go thru levels slower than most searching every nook and soaking in a game's art direction. If it's actually shorter, then I might have to wait or pass as there are too many other good games with more content to spend money on this spring. I haven't pre-ordered yet and a tight embargo makes having knowledge of the final product hard to get before I can no longer pre-order.

What's a Metal Gear fan on a budget to do?!!

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also MGR is going to feel more like a hack n slash kind of game while  any of the the metal gear solid games were more in to stealth then anything so this game has no comparison to any of the metal hear solids so it cant be the best

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this game has been embargoed... Ill wait till the reviews and I hope it's perfect but I'm smelling a 7.5ish experience.... I hope it's really good but like one of u wrote earlier the embargo is scary, an embargo is just like death on a game lol l. Rarely does an embargoed game turn out good. I can count them on one hand . Heck this game could BOMB