Looking to Trade Cyborg Ninja (Gamestop) for White Armor (Best-Buy) *PS3* Code

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Hey there - I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to exchange the codes for the Cyborg Ninja/Fox Blade (FROM Me) PS3 Pre-order code from gamestop, for the code that comes from Best-Buy (I think it's called White Armor or something like that - this would come from you :) ), also for PS3. If anyone is interested, please either reply to this message, or send me an email at SaroenX@gmail.com.  


Thanks, and let me know if interested!


P.S - I think this game rocks! I hope they continue with some more Metal Gear Rising games in the future - I think it'll be the only way we really see the Post Patriot world - since Metal Gear Solid is now focusing on Naked Snake (Ground Zeroes looks AMAZING!)