Is it me or dose rising have a **** fighting style?

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Rising was on my first list of 2013 games, but after i played the demo, i don't think i will even buy this game, i won't complain about "it's not like the others mgs" or the short time of game play, the most thing that upset me is the way of combat and fighting, in the first minutes of the demo was like "so far so good" but then when i had to fight that stupid AI dog, i re-match it like 20 times and all that because the fighting was not helping at all, how can u play a hack and slash game and u can't block OR even dodge, and IF u can block, it's too complicated and not working, not to mention how many time u get stun and knockdown, the only thing that u can do is to keep runing, i don't know if some of u like it, but they change mgs into H&S game and they didn't even make it good.




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What you describe is generally referred to as a learning curve. I know it's not present in many new games nowadays, but there it is. The fact that parrying/dodging/generally avoiding damage in MGR isn't as straightforward as just holding down a button is likely a very conscious decision. It ends up meaning that as you play the game more and more, you'll find you get better and better at it. After awhile, challenges that once seemed near impossible will start to feel relatively easy. If you expect to be invulnerable and school every opponent on pure intuition the first time you pick up the controller, I suppose the game just isn't for you.

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Just stick with. I found the game frustrating a first. Once you get good a parrying and learn how to approach all enemy types, you'll start having fun. 

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that's why i hated the first time i played rising, cus i played too many H&S games so i'm familiar with them if not expert, but i've not played any like rising thats why i found it ridiculous, i don't like to miss any of mgs games so maybe i'll buy it later when it's price is low, untill then i'll focus on the new games.

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Actually, you can block AND dodge. And both are pretty simple to use. Use the lock on button (R2 or RB) and whenever he glows red, just push the left stick towards him and hit X/square. And you can dodge by pressing A+X/X+square

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The X + Square is a special technique so I don't think it's in the demo, but yeah, it is Rising's "dodge" mechanic. For the IF-Prototype battle, you pretty much need to get used to parrying to win (Square + Direction, and Rising's "Block" mechanic). I find Rising's blocking and dodging a lot more satisfying than other hack & slash's where you just hold down the block button.