Amateur Radio Operator (clarification)

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I have a question for this trophy and i would like some clarifications regarding a certain something i read online.

So i've been trying to get this on my third playthrough and even though i am doing quite well (feeling pretty confident about how many i've gotten so far only in R-001 and R-002).However i got through most of the second part of R-001 as well as all (unless i am mistaken)of R-002 without asking courtney to save for me (i have talked to her outside of saving to get some of the dialogs).

To summarise i would like to know if this has caused the dialogs i've gotten to not save and also if i will be able to get it if i get most of the dialogs in the remaining levels of the game (R-003-7).

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before;I could now find it for the life of me if it was