Metal Gear Online Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Singing

    During gameplay, in the text menu (on either all or team) type <SONG> for your character to hum/whitsle/sing a part the Metal Gear Online melody.

    Contributed by: Xoelaras 

  2. Ranks

    Online ranks that show next to your name

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Prefers Solo Capture Arctic Skua
    Have a large amount of CQC attacks given Bear
    Uses lots of scans Bee
    Legendary Mercenary Big Boss
    Prefers Team Sneaking rules Chameleon
    Rarely Participates in Battle Chicken
    Very good kill death ratio Crocodile
    Prefers Bomb Mission Cuckoo
    A Top-Class Soldier Doberman
    Large percents of headshots Eagle
    Prefers Base Mission Elephant
    Prefers Deathmatch Fighting Fish
    Have a high percentage of rolling Flying Squirrel
    The Best of the Best Fox
    A Living Legend Foxhound
    Prefers Rescue rules GA-KO
    Prefers Race Mission Hog
    A Superior Soldier Hound
    Large Amount of Knife Kills Jaws
    Prefers Capture rules Kerotan
    Prefers Team Deathmatch Killer Whale
    Prefers Stealth Deathmatch Komodo Dragon
    Use the ENVG a lot Night Owl
    Perfers non lethal attacks Pigeon
    Falls for a lot of traps Rat
    Gets shot in the head a lot Sloth
    Perfers sneaking missions Snake
    Legendary Hero The Boss
    Rarely Plays Tsuchinoko
    Use the Cardboard box a lot Turtle
    Have a high survival rate Water Bear

    Contributed by: Quickill_, Parge, pitbeagle91, meatguy, brown357, Zantam03, X_Anthony_X, The37thchamber_, belthegor, Ultimate_Slifer, Left_Hand_Man 

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