Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is a great game that any shooter or Halo fan should own.

User Rating: 10 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System XBOX
If you like shooting games that have a lot of intense moments and fast paced action, then Metal Arms: Glitch in the system is a game for you. This game offers a tremendous campaign that is flat out amazing. The story is well put together too. You are a robot named Glitch who was found by an army named the Droids. The Droids are a robot force that has rebelled against a superior robot race, named the Mils. The Droids are trying to recruit as many robots as possible to fight the Mils in a galactic war on a planet named Ironstar, which is the Droids' home planet. Glitch is recruited in the Droid army and is considered an underdog. No one really expects that much of him, but he will become the planet's savior.

The gameplay is fast paced and very intense. The game is hard too. You may find yourself replaying the same mission over and over many times. You have a wide variety of weaponry that can be upgraded as you buy or find EUK's, or Equipment upgrade kits. On most shooters, when you launch a rocket at somebody, you will soon find a pool of blood where they were hit, but that isn't the case in this game. Since they are all robots, you will see nuts, bolts, and metal flying through the air. Most missions in the game usually involve you trying to make your way from point "A" to point "B" while blasting hundreds of robots. However, there are some missions where you are racing in a vehicle to try to catch up with someone, or trying to stop something. There is also some puzzle solving in the game as well. You will sometimes have to take over an enemy with a device and use their jet packs to fly up and pull a switch, which is a unique feature in the game. There are also a few boss fights in the game as well. The first time through the game, you will find yourself retrying the fights about ten or fifteen times. They are tough.

The graphics in the game are great also. If you look carefully at some of the character models, you will find that they have faded paint and many scratches from battle. The fiery explosions and the metal flying are also greatly produced. If you kill a robot with a grenade or rocket, you will find their metal parts ignited on the ground after the explosion. The cutscenes are a tiny bit better, in terms of graphics, than the gameplay, but the gameplay's is still stunning.

The sound was a feature of the game that really stood out. The sounds of the explosions and weapon fire sound very powerful. The voice acting is great as well. You will find yourself busting up laughing at some of the dialogue, mainly from one character. There is a crabby, mean character that works for the Droids who creates all of the weapons and devices for them to battle with. He swears a ton, but since it is a "T" rated game, most of it is censored., but you can easily tell what he is saying which makes it hilarious.

Out of the three consoles that provide this game, which include the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2, the Xbox version is the best. The PS2 has a low frame rate and the sound tends to goof up a little bit at times. The lighting with the PS2 also has some problems. It just doesn't look as good. The Gamecube's lighting is better than the PS2, but the frame rate is still not as good as it could be. The frame rate is better than the PS2's, but it could use some improvements. The Xbox corrects all of those problems. The graphics look great, and there are no sound problems. If you own multiple systems, try and stick with the Xbox for this game.

This is a game that is worth playing over and over, and the multiplayer helps with that aspect. Some of the missions are so fun, that you will find yourself playing them many, many times trying to find everything in the game. If you like shooters, you should own a copy of this game. This is a must buy.