A Diamond in the Rough.

User Rating: 9 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System PS2
The first time I heard of this game was through a commercial. I got this game for christmas not long after it came out and I enjoyed it. It's fast paced gameplay, it's colorful characters, and the overall tone of the game make it one of one my favorite games of all time.

The story takes place on a planet called Iron Star. A planet soley inhabited by robots. You are Glitch, a droid who was found without any memory of his past except his name and a mysterious symbol on the back of his head. You join the droid rebellion who are fighting the oppressive Mill overlords who took control of the planet from the Droids and enslaved them. Helping you is your commander Col. Alloy, who gives you mission objectives, Krunk, a tech savy droid who fires more F-bombs then the Angry Video Game Nerd, and Zoby, a droid dog. You meet other droids on the way who you get to play as to help Glitch continue on his adventure as well, but I won't spoil thier names.

The game itself is a third person shooter. You have access to an arsenal of weapons that can be upgraded through either finding upgrades hidden through the levels or through barter droids. Who I swear seem to be stalking you the entire game. Your enemies are the Mill robots who come in several shapes and sizes. While fighting them they like to spout out one liners depending on what's going on. There is even a one liner that happens when one of them gets hit by friendly fire. Also, if you damage them enough, sometimes you cause parts of thier bodies to be blown off, or limp by thier side, rendering them useless. It's comical watching a mill grunt run around with his torso bent over.

The arsenal of weapons you have acess to are of wide variety, there is the standard machine gun, rocket launcher, and shotgun weapons. But there are also rather unique and entertaining weapons as well. The cutter, a weapon that fires blades that chop off enemy limbs. The recruit grenade, which causes your enemies to fight by your side until they are dead. And the control tether, which allows you to take control over enemies giving you access to their special abilities, and thier weak joints.

There is also a multiplayer option, if you have the PS2 version you can only play up to 2 players. The xbox and gamecube versions allow 4 player battles. Despite not having online capabilities, it is very fun and will keep you entertained for quite a while.

The only problem I have with this game are the graphics. If you own the PS2 version of this game like I do, you'll notice the framerate isn't that good, and textures aren't as smooth. I've seen other versions of this game and they have MUCH smoother graphics and framerate. Of course graphics don't make the game, and it shouldn't inhibit your experience with the game too much.

Overall, this game is outstanding. Almost everything works right in this game, it's a shame this didn't get the attention it deserves through sales. So if you have a spare $20 on you, go to your local game store, check the bargain bin, and hopefully, you should find this diamond in the rough.