Third Person Robot Action, packed with humor, just how i like 'em

User Rating: 9 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System PS2
Were to start on this classic, i picked it up for £1.50, and already it's worth 10x that.

Story - You play as 'Glitch' (Hench the title), who was rescued from the rubble in a collapsed mine. You have a strange marking on your helmet (It may be important).

*NOTE* i'll do a quickie intro to it
After that you taken to Colonel Alloy (ooh those metal puns), you get patched up by Gramps (Classic Character), and get told the story of the 'mine' wars. General Corrosive (they get better i promise) is the bad guy who was created from a Doctor who was killed and the body was never found (hmmmmm). Anyway you fight a robot race called the 'Mils'. Ok your average story there, bad guy attacks good guys, good guys defend attacks then the final assault on them and win.

Gameplay - Third person view, and a nice tutorial level. It sticks to simple combat in the beginning but get incredible harder later on. (Zombie robots anyone?). My only criticism is that at times it'll take a lot of go back and do it again, due to you running out of ammo.

Weapons - you basic wep is a mining laser, a rechargeable gun that uses no ammo. you've got your machine gun, Sniper rifle, Rocket launcher but on top of that some useful weapons that come in handy. Like a gun that fires shurikuns to cut wires to gain access to different parts, or take out enemies easier.

The only flaws about the game are the poor defence your allies put up and also you'll find yourself using a lot of ammo and not replacing it but this does mean for some smarter weapon choices.