The best game ever made by the human hands. I will trade MW2, Uncharted 2, and Halo 3 for one-fifth of the disc.

User Rating: 10 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System GC
The classification i really wanted to put was "PERFECT". Everything about this game is perfect. The graphics are amazing (for a 2003 game). The campaign was my favorite out of all the game. I can replay the same level 20 times and still will never be bored. Don't get me started on the multiplayer, 4 players, around 10 maps. The storyline was easy to follow and funny, especially Krunk. If you don't like this game, I will personally give you a number for a therapist. I will not let a human soul touch my copy of Metal Arms. If you don't have Metal Arms, go to store or the internet and buy it, or rent it, and play it. Right now its about $3.99 at Gamestop. But it's still going for high prices on the internet. Thier was supposed to be a sequel, but it was canceled. I cried my self to sleep when i heard. Remember not to buy a Blizzard or Activison game. I have nothing else to say, Goodbye.