One of best games for the Xbox because it isn't just about shooting your enemy its also a lot of little puzzles and more

User Rating: 8.5 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System XBOX
Ok Glitch is not your average game its a mix between halo 2 and a brain age game. If you don't like to think then this game isn't for you. So when you start the game your this robot that they found it the wreck that they found after this war. Then you learn about this huge robot that has made all the other robots ether dead or put into slavery so u got to help about the good robots in there fight to win back there planet. Now i don't want to be a spoiler and tell you about the whole game so I'm going to stop there. Later in the game you will be able to take over your enemy robots and that can be helpful at some times you also have this option in multi player which helps when your being chased by a tank! Now we talk about the WEAPONS! There is a lot of weapons in this game! All these weapons get the job done. Some are just strange like a gun called the rivet gun it shuts out arrows but there one little surprise that comes with this weapon, the arrows blow up which is really affective against your opponents. But if you get the game you have to upgrade the rivet gun to be able to do that but if you play multi player you will see what I mean. Now multi player is fun to I already told you about how you can take over robots (to add you can't take over your friend if your playing multi player) Now lets talk about maps, you get about 3 or 4 once you start the game to unlock some you will have to find something called a secret chip there are about 300 or 400 I don't know but they are not really hard to find, well most of them. Now the maps are each special, each map has its own feel, and they ummm how do i say it move differently I don't know how to explain it but its fun. Thats all I can say, if i said anything else it would spoil the rest of the "treats" left in the game. So have fun.