User Rating: 7 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System PS2

I was disappointed by this game. I followed the hype, but I don't understand the glowing reviews. This game can be fun, but here are the problems I encountered :
- unresponsive controls, especially when firing (playing on PS2)
- Frustrating difficulty
- frustrating lack of direction in the situation of "I killed all the enemies now what should I do ?"
- frustrating bosses (like "zombiebot").
- from the 2 last problems, it is difficult to play this game without the help of a walkthrough, which is shame. This problem is shared by quite a few games of this time (like "Fur Fighters", "Conker's Bad Fur Day", "Whiplash" to name a few).
- That's why I never finished Metal Arms, nor any of the other games I mentioned above. I think game design has greatly progressed since then, and we're seeing more professionalism now (which also brings its share of problems like predatory monetization).
- It seems I'm not the only one complaining as I saw in the comment section of the "zombiebot" boss on Youtube a lot of persons who stopped the game in frustration at this point.