Even though i consider myself as a fairly good gamer this game is ridiculously hard.

User Rating: 9.5 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System XBOX
I have wanted this game for years and i finnaly bought it off xbox live. I just absolutley love this game the combat is so freaking intense you'll piss your pants! Even though this game is now old it is still a very good game and it is underapreciated! There was only 1 minor problem with the game and that was that occasionally the frame rate would drop when you were in a massive battle but otherwise it was awsome. The voice acting in this game was great and the storyline is so funny due to a robotic trash talking dude named Krunk. Warning do not buy this game for young children it is has very bad language. Anyways the gameplay is awsome and the graphics are pretty dang good. I wish so badly that they had made a sequel but turns out they didnt. Well i hope my reveiw helped and have a nice day!