Metal Arms is another underrated game that offers a lot of action pack shooting and also has solid multiplayer.

User Rating: 8.5 | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System GC
Metal Arms brings 3rd person shooting with robots battling each other with different guns that include missile shooters, gatling guns, grenades and other unique guns we never seen before. Plus also has different vehicles like tanks, cars with guns and so much more. You will go through around 42 action packed missions with a pretty hard difficulty no matter how easy you put it. Plus the game also has the great feature of a special gun that lets you get into other robots bodies and become them so you don't risk yourself in areas with many robots. Graphically the details are simply great and has excellent different level design plus is also a very explosive game. If you love 3rd person shooters you should definetely pick this up and is at less then 20 bucks so what are you wating for? This game is more between a mix of ratchet and clank's 3rd person shooting with halo's shooting everything and less of the platforming.