If you are looking for something different and unique, you need to get this !

User Rating: 9 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
I was going to give this game an 8.5, but since this review is written when the game has been out for a while, and which will make it even cheaper, which will increase its value, hence the 9.0. Make no mistake, by the time this review was posted, the game by no means managed to age or get dated. The mind blowing puzzles that are in this game will take a while to age.

Unfortunately, I didn't finish the game because it was a rental, so I can't write an in-depth review. But I will write my opinion from what I managed to play nonetheless. The game has A LOT of levels in addition to mini games (want to see how mercury translates in an F-zero racing game? Get this), so value is no issue, so thats off, its doesn't have multiplayers, so thats a bummer. But what else does it have ? Well, incredibly designed puzzles that will actually make you use your mind a bit, add to that the need of good reflexes and a somewhat steady hands and you're in for a hair-pulling (if such expression exists) exciting experience. It is definitely one of the Wii games that utilizes the system well. It has good audio as well and solid looking style and graphics, the mercury looks rad for a Wii game. So all in all, if you enjoyed kororinpa or monkey ball, or say you love puzzle games, or you are just looking for something totally different and fresh (provided you have a slightly above average patience) this game will entertain you.

By the time you read this review the game would be old enough to be even cheaper which makes my recommendation even stronger. So go get it now, if you are a bit hesitant, rent it, but unlike kororinpa, a rental won't be enough to finish this game, because as mentioned, its has many many levels.

I would also recommend reading some other in depth player's reviews for more information, just stay away from trolls :)

One more thing: Avoid this game if you have anger issues, just like this game is solid, it will need solid nerves, because the difficulty will ramp up severely when you get to the later stages, hence I didn't manage to finish it :P. Also, avoid this game if you are looking for a party game, unless you don't mind swapping the wii remote which can work in some instances depends on your style of playing with friends, but at any-rate, rent it first to make sure its not suitable for you, because it can be too good to miss.