''Fun game but not worth its full price''

User Rating: 7.5 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
When this game came out I remember it cost €60 as all the other Wii games cost. When it was reduced to €44 I decided to buy it but I still feel like I've been ripped off somewhat.

Gameplay: very fun and quite addictive -you move the Wii remote up, down, right and left and the mercury ball responds to your movements. This works very well though isn't very easy to master. You can also play with the Classic controller but obviously it takes away from the idea but it's still fun.

Graphics: a little cartoonish -I would've rathered they'd made the graphics a little more realistic instead of designing cartoonish graphics. However, they are nice and simple, and the physics work very well!

Sound: the music is kinda boring with VERY cheesy tunes, however this doesnt take away from the fun at all. Not too bad, but could've been improved a great deal.

Lenght: there are more than 150 levels and a dozen of mini-games to play, so you'll be playing it for a good while. The lack of multiplayer is very unfortunate and doesnt make much sense, but however there is a lot of fun to be had.

Overall: wait until this game drops to €20 or so, then go for it. It's a fun little game!