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User Rating: 8.5 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
OK, the PSP launched and soon a game called Mercury came out. A year later Mercury Meltdown came out. An inferior PS2 port was released later. Then out came Mercury meltdown Revolution. The title just keeps getting longer. That is the history of Mercury. But I'm talking about the latest entry, Revolution.

For those who do not know how this game works, it is simple. You have a blob of mercury, which you try to get through weird courses as fast as possible without losing any of it. It is a simple premise taken to it's maximum level with the wiimote. You simply hold it horizontally with the D-pad on the left and tilt to move your blob. you don't actually tilt the blob itself, just the map it's in. Any other controls are to zoom the camera in and pan it around, or pause the game.

The puzzles are simple and pretty easy at first, but the way to solve them is not linear whatsoever. Most of the time you'll control one blob, and get through the level via paint shops. These make your blob a different color. Some switches require you to be a certain color. But the paints get their challenge by making you mix colors. To do this, you have to hit a sharp corner at high speed, get each blob a certain color, and make them collide. Speaking of separate blobs, sometimes you'll have to control 2 blobs from the start. This number increases over time, and you'll very likely get frustrated.

Some of this game's problems come through in party games.
1. These games are meant to be played by many people, but there's no multiplayer.
2. Some of the games are good, but most feel uninspired.
3. The only thing that these games have to do with the real game is the fact that you control a blob.

In the end, MMR is an impressive game with some flaws.