Ok but not a big purhase.

User Rating: 7 | Mercury Meltdown Revolution WII
Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a maze type puzzle game for the nintendo wii.

The players aim in thi sgame is to get from 1 end of a maze to another, which is surprisingly fun. There are around 126 (16 stages in each lab and 8 labs) mazes in total each getting slightly harder. Thee are also 5 mildly entertaining mini games. This game can be pretty fun but does get very repetative so i would recommend playing it in smal doses i.e for 10 min when you are frustrated with resident evil 4 or zelda. The controls on this game are pretty simple which makes the game easy to pick up and play. All you have to do is hold the wiimote on its side and tilt it in the desired direction. The wiimote directly controls the stage with teh tilts not the ball of mercury. The game is pretty simple but can get frustrating in parts i.e . when you cant lose any mercury at all on an especially trick map. The game looks ok for a wii game but there are no stunning visuals, i did enjoy the bright colours though and i feel that may appeal to children who want to play this game.

All in all this is a solid wii port of a playstation 2 game, visuals are ok and the control mapping is very intuative and fun to use. I would recommend renting though as i do not think it is worth its full retail price. If you see it on offer though get it because you will have allot of fun with this.