Destroy! Must play.

User Rating: 9 | Senjou no Ookami II GEN
Love to destroy your enemies?

Then this game is for you.

This was my first shoot em game for the genesis, and I was around about 6 years old when I played this. It never gets old for me, this game is simply quality.

The graphics cannot be judged, but in my opinion, they are decent, especially for it's time. The gameplay, brilliant. No levels are repetitive, as each level is different in it's own way.

The main objective of the game is just to make your way to the 'top' of the level, fight the boss and progress. During the game, you can get new characters to your team (which is unlocked when you reach certain tents in certain stages) and you can boost their speed and power of their guns. My personal favourite is the burner you get from the second level. He is simply bad ass, and can clear levels very easily.

This game simply does not get old. I wish you could save, though this game used to be an arcade game, and it makes it that more challenging.