An Awesome Gaming Experience, even in 2006

User Rating: 9.4 | Senjou no Ookami II ARC
Being lucky enough to have the genesis version and an emulator for the PC, i can safely say this game is pure fun, from beginning to end. It makes for a great "pick up and play" experience, in that it can be beaten in about 30 mins id say. The true fun in this game is trying to beat it without EVER dieing, which is not easy, but with practice it is possible. My highest score is in the 850,000 range, never died. What makes this game even funner, is the ability to map out controls across two keyboards and 1 mouse and have 3 people playing once, all with 1 life and see who can surivive to the end. In the game youll take on countless soldiers, tanks (very tough for the inexeperienced) a harrier jet, a helicopter, a battle ship and more. The sound is awesome, even by today's standards and graphicfs hold up nicely. This is definately a must play, although not well-known it seems. Two thumbs way up.