Where they left off.

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After watching the leaked developer footage of Mercenaries 3 I have to say I didn't see much of a difference from #2. After replaying the last Pandemic game (The Saboteur) I see a major difference. Now I am assuming that the company was fighting for air when they made it, and on it's shoulders rode the success of their office. Sadly, it didn't make enough cash to stay afloat. This game, The Saboteur, was one of the best examples of a developer innovation. Taking what you have and adding to it to make it better. Taking what they made, and introducing it into a new installment, would unleash a whole new world for a sandbox game. A legitimate stealth/detection system, active disguise system, perk tree, Parkour-esque land navigation, sabotage mechanism, and intriguing storyline all are landmark strides towards mastering an open-world game. Imagine this all encompassed with the key features aforementioned. This game would be insane. Every situation can be tackled with a smattering tactical possibilities. Drive a Humvee to a hill atop a base. Plant a car-bomb and run it downhill to blow the gate. Climb over wall and as you sneak and take out a guard, steal his outfit. Walk past security and plant C4 on target equipment. Blow the charges and hijack a tank to shoot down the officer's fleeing helicopter. There, you just helped a UN commander fix his convoy problems. Hell, you might have just unlocked a new shop for weapons or vehicles, or even parts and customizations. All this fueled by an adult tone story and an air of sarcasm, you might just have EA's answer to Rockstar's most successful son.
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I actually rank Mercs 1 in my top 10 all time greatest games ever made.
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What a shame the third installment o the series got canceled. Mercs 1 and 2 were (and still are) two o the best games ever made in may opinion. The third had the potential of being even better. Well, I guess business strategies got in the way of a great game.

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A real pity the third installment of this great franchise never got to see the light of day. I'm pretty sure it would have been just as monumentally good as the first two games in the series, games that I still play because they are just so good.