Likelihood of a third go?

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With the announcement of a third Star Wars Battlefront, is there a kindle of hope for another niche market game like Mercenaries. The series died in 2008 with a crush in sales for the sequel, and even with the release of another better developed game, was buried by the collapse of Pandemic studios. I often regarded it as the military version of Grand theft auto, playing it in tandem to my brother playing GTA 3 (Playground of Destruction was the 1st on PS2). Now, with the closing of LucasArts and acquisition by Disney/EA, who knows what can happen. It would seem such an installment would be right up the alley of DICE, EA's independently owned software developer. With a reputation of the FrostBite 2 engine, and games with such military aesthetics like Battlefield and Army of Two, how can they not be contemplating an open-world sandbox of military conflict and unlimited destruction? Imagine the military technical of Battlefield, with the 3rd-person gunplay and cover system of Army of Two. Now imagine the rendering of the FrostBite 2 engine. Fully collapsible buildings and particle effects. Authentic vehicles and highly rendered fire-fights. Hell, throw in character customization and weapon customization a la Army of would have a runner for GTA 5 and Saints Row 4 combined. Possibilities at this point are pretty wide, but that's a good thing. If there was ever a time for bringing back the unknown or forgotten franchises, this is it. Give a believable story set in a power vacuum theater, with multiple choices of allegiance, double-cross, espionage, and revenge...this could be the chance for the powder-keg that is at the heart of Destruction...what was a fun and original premise for a guilty pleasure game.