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The loose play of the mercenaries and The Saboteur may not work for such a game. A tighter control on player movement might be necessary. Good gunplay would have to be responsive in relation to both fire rate and velocity, same with vehicle weaponry. An enemies ability to outrun a bullet, or a tank round should be non-existent. Vehicles should operate similar to Battlefield, with realistic speed and control over terrain. The biggest point is a measure of restraint in how the player works to accomplish objectives. Solid gunplay can be effective for infiltration, while it gets smashed by heavy armor, and that can be "papered" by shoulder ordinance/C4. Sniper and suppressor is the scalpel, while laser-guided bombs and artillery are the hammer. Acquiring vehicles is a means to an end; you drive a car to get to a mission start. You add armor to get through ambushes and random engagements. You bring a tank to smash checkpoints, and buy a helicopter to raid bases. Air strikes can be called in tandem if you have the bandwidth and money. Call in a A-10 to take out AA positions while a gunship flies over to give support. All while a drop ship leaves a care package of C4 and grenades. Extraction returns with a grapple/tackle system. No stun BS. Cash rewards reflect more realistic numbers, and spending is relative to acquiring new tech, vehicles, weapons, outfits, customizations, and airstrikes. Black market venders sell reasonable stuff. But get in good with faction Quartermasters for the primo tech like AP rounds, Active camo, High-yield explosives, thermal scopes, etc. Combat features 3rd person view with hip fire and ADS. ADS is special because we stay in 3rd over the shoulder. When equipped with scope we have undefined split-screen over shoulder with scoped view in first person. This is for precision shooting with sniper rifles and scoped equipment. Thermal targeting and manning drones will be the same. Hiding on a hill, we pull up our Predator link and over the shoulder screen shows with infrared and targeting reticule. Lock-on to armor and fire, all while being able to see our character's situation. Same with Chopper gunner control while remote guiding. Good stuff.