Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code Cheats For PC

  1. Secret fight against Eclipse ver Archetype Earth

    To fight against this version of Archetype Earth, you have to 1) Win every fight 2) Win at least one battle with PERFECT 3) Win several battles with Arc Drive Finish 4) Have over 2000000 points by the end of match 7 After fulfilling the above conditions, during match 7 (after the first or second battle), "New Challenger" screen will pop up and you'll engage in the fight against Archetype Earth (Eclipse ver).

    Contributed by: NeoRequiem 

  2. Steam Achievements

    Landed "How About I Play With You For a Bit?" successfully on either Tohno Shiki or Nanaya Shiki, while using Arcueid. 18-part Dissections
    Burn you opponent with crawling. Do not try this at home. About time you get me a special ending cutscene god
    Listened in to the full plot of the 'Grand Scheme to Take Over the Tohno's' while using Kohaku. After this tea, let's have a reeeeaaaaaaally long chat, shall we?
    Absorbed over 100% worth of Magic Circuit off the opponent in a single round while using Tohno Akiha. All of yours shall belong to me
    Won your first match in "RANK MATCH". An Easy Victory-nya!
    Played in all stages. Bountiful Nights
    Charged more than 100% worth of gauge in a single round. Charge-up!
    Performed Shield Bunker. Corporal Punishment!
    Activated "Night On the Blood Liar(Unzanity)" thrice in a single round while using Warachia. Cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcuuuuuuuutttttttt!
    Spawned over 20 necoarcs in a single round. Necoarc wars? Dear Earth, I have returned to Steam…
    Won a round with an Arc Drive. Did you enjoy?
    Changed form into a cat while using White Len. Don't lump me in together with those clowns!
    Landed "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception Seven Worlds End" at close range while using Ryougi Shiki. Don't worry, it's painful
    Activated "Multi-Weapon Service" 10 times in a single round while using Koha&Mech. Dream combination ♪
    Meet Archetype in ARCADE mode. Entertain Me
    Accumulated a total of 666 normal hits over the course of the game using Nrvnqsr Chaos. Genes of the Beasts
    Finished a combo with a Reverse Beat. Get out of my way!
    Performed Shield Cancel with an attack. Here we go!
    Clear ARCADE mode. Hologram Summer Replay
    Sucked over 2000hp from the opponent in a single round while using Sion TATARI. I am… thirsty…!
    Landed 2 EX-Edges in a single combo while using Miyako. I have trained in Kung-fu for this!
    Performed EX Shield. I saw through this!
    Divided Arcueid into "Seventeen Dissections" while using Tohno Shiki. I'll have you take responsibility for killing me, okay
    Swapped the characters before the start of a round while using Hisui&Kohaku. I'm counting on you~♪
    Won 50 times in "RANK MATCH". I'm feeling good, good, oh so good!
    Used "Repeat Magic" twice in a single round while using Aozaki Aoko. I'm not pulling no punches~
    Performed EX guard. I've read this
    Landed "Fake Reality Marble: Twirling Hisui World" successfully while using Hisui. It's not like I like to make mistakes
    Chose and played all 3 styles of a character. It's not my fault that I'm too strong!
    Performed ground recovery. It's nothing!
    Stayed in the air for over 15 counts of the timer in a single round while using Archetype:Earth. Just enjoying myself
    Stayed in TRAINING mode for 15 minutes consequtively. Keep going at it til I'm satisfied
    Landed "Flashing Sprint: Six Hares" twice in a single combo while using Nanaya Shiki. Kickin' through!
    Activated Ex-Edge five times in a single round while using Kishima Kouma. KishiMAX
    Won a round with an Another Arc Drive. Let me devour you completely…!
    Performed a combo with over 100 hits. Let's enjoy this fight to the last second!
    Used "Secret Coat of Arms: Thunder Isolation" and charged over 20 lightning stocks in a single round while using Roa. Lightning!
    Dealt over 7000 damage in a combo while using Riesbyfe. My fists can deal five ton, er no, two tons of force
    Clear all characters' ARCADE mode. Nobody told me the lore is THIS big!
    Clear ARCADE mode with the highest difficulty setting. Perish, ye who dreams of the untold
    Used the chainsaw, saber, harisen, burning widget and shotgun in a single round while using Mech Hisui. Phantastic Starry Omega Mecha-Hisui
    Activated "Pluto die Schwester" twice in a single round using while Red Arcueid. Praise… the maginificent Crimson Moon…!
    Never even jumped a single time in a round while using Powered Ciel. Pure Brute Force
    Landed "Crimson Lord: Hair Cage" in total close proximity distance while using School Uniform Akiha. Raw, medium or well-done?
    Landed "Cream Puff Dream REM" on White Len, while using Len. Reduced Sugar
    Set a total of 15 counts of both "Scorch the Beast" and "Scorch the Gallopping Beast" added up while using Akiha Vermilion. Resistance is futile
    Fired the pistol over 30 times in a single round while using Sion. Set!
    Played one match in "PLAYER MATCH". That was a good work-out
    Activated Last Arc. This is HOW you do(kill) things
    Landed "Seventh Holy Scripture" successfully as a counter-hit while using Ciel. What you're lacking is CURRY!
    Landed "I'm Angry, You know!" on either Tohno Shiki or Nanaya Shiki, while using Satsuki. You liarrrr!!!
    Attacked your Necoarc partner over 10 times in a single round while using Neco&Mech. You will die if you just stay there, worthless thing (master)
    Performed Shield Counter. You're an eyesore

    Contributed by: McMurphey