While this game has its pros, it also has its cons. It was very hard, but also fun at the same time.

User Rating: 8.5 | RockMan Zero 2 GBA
To get right to the point, MegaMan Zero 2 was a fun game, although hard. There were some points that I literally wanted to throw my GameBoy Advance SP at the wall...which made up a good fifty percent of the game. However, it was also very addicting. Once I started a level, I couldn't put the game down until I completed it. Being a MegaMan X-like game, it has a very good storyline, progressing from guerilla missions to a full-out assault on Neo Arcadia (the enemy's 'base'). The bosses were slightly easier than MegaMan Zero's, which was also a good change; the bosses in MegaMan Zero (1) were very hard, and almost impossible to defeat (if you didn't know what you were doing, that is).

The designs of the characters was astounding for a GameBoy Advance game. Even though the way they moved at some points was...annoying...it was still very good, especially Zero's Ultim. Form (as it says in the game's form menu). It has the same design as Zero's real body is depicted as in MegaMan Zero 3, which shows that they reuse sprites to the fullest extent that they can, which is very good in the case of a game that reusing is possible.

The music was also very good for a GameBoy Advance game. The level music fit the level, but also had a very fun beat to them. The music was one of the reasons I went back and replayed this game.

All in all, a good game, but also so challenging most don't like it very much. Even so, this game was very fun, and I hope to get around to playing it again some time soon.