Zero is back in this great sequel!

User Rating: 9 | RockMan Zero 2 GBA
Megaman Zero 2 is one of the hardest game I've ever played, playing levels over dozens of times before I can even come close to beating it. The gameplay and graphics are about the same as the 1st MegaMan Zero but with great improvements! The new forms and EX Skills puts a great improvement to the game and the new bosses are pretty cool. The main thing that would drive the player in this game would be the story, one word ~ suspenseful. This great storyline puts Zero between the lines of Reploids and Humans and decide the fate of the war between the two. The game is twice as hard as the first but twice as intense! Harpuia is now the leader and we finally see how he is not so bad, (while Leviathan and Fefnir are just two idiots tagging along). All and all Megaman Zero 2 is an intense game and any GBA owner/Megaman fan should check out. Like the review by Gamespot said, the difficulty isn't going to make this game fun for everyone but hardcore ones would enjoy it.