Zero is back for more action!

User Rating: 8.1 | RockMan Zero 2 GBA
With the successful release of Megaman Zero Capcom decided to release its sequel. Megaman Zero 2 still has almost the same stuff as before with just a few minor changes. Story: It has been a year since Zero crushed Neo Arcadia’s leader Copy X. Zero wanders the world in order to search for some answers concerning his past and has left the resistance group since then. With the cripple of Neo Arcadia the resistance group grew ever stronger in their forces. With Elpizo in their command, the resistance were planning on executing guerrilla tactics against Neo Arcadia. Mean while Zero continued his journey and has come to the decision that he would probably be better off being with Dr Ciel. As he was searching for the resistance he has been constantly attacked by remaining Neo Arcadian troops, having being tired from constant battles with no rest Zero used the last of his strength to destroy a giant rampaging Mechanaloid, he then passed out at that moment and a mysterious figure approached Zero.
All of a sudden the resistance troop found Zero laying out side their base and have given him immediate medical attention. Zero found himself being treated in the new resistance base by Ciel. Zero learned that Ciel was developing a new source of energy in order to negotiate with neo arcadia, which was and opposite ideal of Elpizo, who believes that neo arcadia has to be destroyed in order to achieve peace. Zero decided to believe in Ciel’s ideals and decided to help Elpizo in the guerrilla tactics but informed Elpizo that he was only cooperating to weaken Neo Arcadia rather than destroying it, and to also monitor Elpizo’s actions. Game Design: The graphics are the same as the previous game so there is not much to comment about. But the game has increased in presentation. Player will be focusing on the story more than the game itself.

Game play: As before you will be using the Z-Buster and Z-Saber at first and will later get 2 new weapons, the Chain rod and the Shield boomerang. For each weapon you will learn new techniques. You will also gain elemental chips from defeating certain bosses. The newest feature in the game is the style system. There will be styles for you to collect after achieving certain ranks, each style will change Zero in different colours and will give him certain improvements like a double jump, or longer dash or even different weapon techniques.
The cyber-elf system has also be upgraded and there will be more elfs to download. The game difficulty has also increased a bit.

Sound: There are new soundtracks but most of the sound effects are the same as before. The game is basically the same as the one before but is a lot more challenging so you will not get bored of it easily. The game also improved a lot in presentation, you will be fascinated by the story more than the game itself. This is quite a good game and I believe it makes a great sequel to the previous game.