i loved this game, it had awesome weapons, moves and forms to unlock.

User Rating: 9.4 | RockMan Zero 2 GBA
when you first start playing this game you may find it a little difficult, (i didnt because im awesome) but after the first level you should get the hang of it and after you beat the first 4 bosses the game gets alot easier. this game is alot of fun to play and it is my favorite megaman game so far, i loved the fact that you could upgrade your weapons by using them and i thought the EX skills you could get from the bosses were great, i mean without them you can do 3 slash combos, dash slashes and jump attacks with the z-saber but then you unlock the ex-skills and it makes the weapons even more fun to use, my favorite was the uppercut move with the z-saber, you can unlock about 10 Ex skills including gun and z-saber upgrades.
the form upgrades that you can unlock were great giving you the ability to change zeros stats and that combined with the 3 element chips you can unlock and equip and the ex skills you can get give you the ability to completely customise your character.
this is a great game and if you dont mind the fact that it may take a couple of continues to get the hang of you will love it. i would recommend this game to people who like the megaman x games and pretty much anyone who wants to play a fun and challenging megaman game with heaps of things to unlock, unique and different bosses and almost unlimited playability.