Zero returns for a new adventure

User Rating: 9.5 | RockMan Zero 2 GBA
Capcom's second installment of Zero's dash and slash adventures bring Zero to the new resistance base with new leader Elpizo who is determined to wipe out Neo Arcadia.

The game uses two weapon slots one on B and one on R after the first mission Zero will have all four weapons to fill these slots. Leveling up the weapon is as easy as using the weapon wanted to be level up. New to this game are the forms which are gained in various ways like collecting life capsules for energy form and also new is the EX skills gained from beating a boss with an A rank.

Their are three kinds of cyber elves which are Nurse, Animal and Hackers. Each elf has a special effect like healing Zero or stunning enemies for a period of time but each elf can only be used once so be careful with the better cyber elves.

Elements are gained from some of the first bosses which makes the game easier after they are gained, each boss is vulnerable to an element which can make the difference of around forty hits to about eight.

All in all Megaman Zero 2 is a tough sequel to beat but is on of the best games on the GBA.