Mega Man zero is good game with solid action and good graphics make the series to stand alone.

User Rating: 9 | RockMan Zero 2 GBA
Mega Man Zero 2 is better than the original with new weapons and improve graphics make the best instalment of the series.

Gameplay:is good and the game have variaty of weapons like the other mega man zero.The boss battle some are challenging and other are very easy.The enemies are not that intelligent and you can very easy.Every weapon has a purpose and use.Overall the gameplay is great.

Graphics:are detail and sharp.The enviourments are detail and well done.The enemies look good and main characters are very detail for the technology of the gba.The back grounds look great and very cleared.The cinematics of the game look great and sharp.

Sound:is not that good.The weapons sound good but and when you talk that sound gets annoying.The tunes sound good and the enemies when they fire sound solid.

Value:is high

Tilt:after you finsh the game you have to unlock the new armors and other things.You will this game a few tries.

Complains:the needed a bigger variety of sounds.

Overall: is one of the best mega man games release recently and it is fun game.