Mega Man Zero 2 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Hard mode

    Complete the game once and save. At the title screen select "new game," press and hold the L shoulder button and press start. There will be a second chime. When the game starts zero will be in the Protoform (dark green armor).
    NOTE: Forms and EX skill can not be earned in hard mode. Also, your weapons will not level up.

    Contributed by: megatim86 

  2. View image gallery

    Beat hard mode
    Highlight newgame.
    Press and hold the L and R shoulder buttons and the select button.
    Press start. You will hear a second tone and be taken to the first image in the gallery.

    While viewing images, press select to view/hide the image title.
    Some images can be scrolled up or down using the d-pad.
    Press start to exit to the title screen.

    Contributed by: megatim86 

  3. Zero's Other Forms

    Perform these tasks in a level to unlock Zero's other forms:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Kill 20 enemies with the Z-Saber while dashing Active Form
    Kill 20 enemies with the Shield Boomerang Defense Form
    Grab 25 Life Capsules Energy Form
    Ricochet 30 shots from enemies with the Shield Boomerang Erase Form
    Pull anything 30 times with the Chain Rod Power Form
    Complete the game Proto Form
    Kill 20 enemies with the Jumping Slash in a stage Rise Form
    Use every Cyber Elf Ultimate Form
    Kill 50 enemies with Buster Gun X Form

    Contributed by: Starky27 

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