MMX8 may be a frustrating game, but it really is fun. A must-own for any platformer fan.

User Rating: 9.4 | Mega Man X8 PS2
OK, this game is one of the best action/platformers on the PS2. As you can see, legendary Maverick Hunters X, Zero and Axl are back to save the universe from Sigma, X's arch-nemesis. Like all of the MMX games, Mega Man X8 features eight new Mavericks to fight. Not only that, but there are also Sub Missions. They're kinda like mini-games because you save your high scores after you die in the Sub Mission. Like Mega Man X7, you select two of three characters after you select the desired stage. X is capable of Charge Shots, Zero uses a Z-Saber and Axl is capable of rapid-fire shots. But after you select your two wanted characters, you select one of three Navis too. Alia is balanced on stages and bosses, Layer is more experienced on bosses and Palette is more experienced on stages. There are minor differences from MMX7: No 3D mode and no losing lives if one of your characters die. There is also a new co-op move called Double Attack. This move unleashes an ultimately powerful shockwave. When the shockwave hits the first enemy in its path, it damages all enemies on-screen. In some stages, you use new ride armors called Sirius and Barius. Of course, you can also use the classic ride armor from the first MMX: Cyclops. You can also buy chips that upgrade X, Zero and/or Axl with Metals at the R&D lab. Of course, this game is hard, so if you're looking for a challenge, go for it. Overall, Mega Man X8 is a spectacular action/platformer that won't disappoint fans with retro X gameplay and challenges. If you are a Mega Man fan or just need really good platformers, MMX8 will need you. You will love it.