The fifth installment in the Megaman X series,it certainly made it's mark on me.

User Rating: 9 | RockMan X5 (PlayStation the Best) PS
Story: Sigma is back. But this time he brought a little virus with him,and if you don't stop the infected space colony from crashing into earth,you will be in some serious trouble.

As a longterm fan of the megaman series,I bought most of them besides the ratings they got.

Graphics: 2D, I won't really rate this, because there isn't really any change throughout the series in this category. But if you want it,6/10.

Gameplay is pretty solid, and newcomers won't find themselves wondering what to do next.

On a random note, I kinda thought the creators got lazy with the bosses, I looked at alot of them and found myself remembering bosses from the earlier Megaman X entries.

Overall,I find this game highly addictive. No matter how many new high graphics games come out, I just can't stop myself from coming back.