This game is fun, but the removed voiceovers and the unreal cutscenes just start killing it.

User Rating: 7.5 | RockMan X5 (PlayStation the Best) PS
The gameplay is awesome, you get to assume to choices of X or Zero, and beat through a total of 13 stages. You can get the armors and powers for X and Zero, but Zero can only get the black armor that doesn't even do anything except change his looks, still, Zero can use the powers and get stronger. Collecting the heart tanks, energy, weapon , and the Ex tanks is pretty fun and easy, but some of them require armor and powers, which takes part of the fun away.

The graphics are perfect for a 2D sidescrolling game. The foreground moves smoothly while the background moves with it in the right pace making it a great mixture that makes the graphics even better.

The music/effects are really cool, especially this one stage you'll probably love the music and the effects when Zero slashes and when X shoots a fully charged blast. I just love those awesome effects.

Overall this game is great, it is an awesome sidescrolling game with an awesome storyline. But the characters are a bit less interesting in my opinion than the ones in the previous MMX games.