Mega Man X5 is a great 2D Platform game that will PREVAIL!

User Rating: 10 | RockMan X5 (PlayStation the Best) PS
Seriously, this game is very challenging! it will put your "game-skills" to the test. this game has all the elements of a platform game.

gameplay- really challenging! you must time your jumps, get threw the obstacles and destroy any enemy that comes your way.

controls- it's your typical 2D platform game. "x" is to jump, "o" is to shoot or slash, press "x" 2 times and you will jump 2 times to get better reach, the down bottom is for ducking and press up while jumping lets you slide on the walls. simple controls but you better know what is what because in this game it's all "think fast!", you need to think ahead.

music- it's like a mix of 80's rock music & early 90's video game music. some BGM will sound like your typical 90's video-game music and some BGM will sound like it's from the 80's. it's a great mix of both eras.

Mega Man X5 is challenging & is full of action!

i give it a 10/10. perfect game for a fan of "platform games".