What can top Mega Man 2? Mega Man X!

User Rating: 10 | RockMan X SNES
The first Mega Man X was incredible, and to this day, is said to be one of the best Mega Man games. Personally, this is my favorite Mega Man game. It just took everything about the classic Mega Man series, and kicked it up a notch!

Graphics: The graphics are top-notch, for what the SNES can do. All of the enemies and backgrounds have crisp, colorful graphics. Everything is so detailed, and well-done! I could just sit in one spot for 30 seconds, just to memorize a single screen! 10/10

Story: The story is that you're a future model of Mega Man, known as Mega Man X, but people just call him, "X". You're thrown onto a futuristic highway, populated by evil robots, created by a man named Sigma. At the end of this highway, you meet a giant robot, who traps you in a cage of electricity. At the last minute, you are saved by X's friend, Zero. The quest to kill all of Sigma's Mavericks begins here. 10/10

Controls: The controls are perfect. It's easy to memorize, and they work perfectly. A to dash, B to jump, and Y to shoot. It works very well on the SNES controller, and I find them to be top-notch! 10/10

Difficulty: Mega Man games have never really been known as "easy." But Mega Man X is possibly the most difficult Mega Man game at the time. It can be hard, but not so hard, that you'll want to shut the game off. It's a challenge, but it's not a cheap challenge. 10/10

Overall, this is easily one of the best, if not THE BEST Mega Man game ever created. Mega Man X delivers what you know about Mega Man, just faster, harder, prettier, and overall, just... better. 10/10 Awesome job, Capcom!

Good and Bad:
+Provides a challenge
+Top-notch controls
+Awesome Graphics
+Fun to kill Mavericks
+Strong Story
+Awesome Upgrades
+Great soundtrack
+Fun to do speed-runs