The next generation of "Mega Man" games comes out with a masterpiece right off the bat! :D

User Rating: 10 | RockMan X SNES
By 1994, Capcom had proven to be very successful for Nintendo on a number of levels. Whether it was adapting Disney cartoon characters into highly entertaining video games, converting coin-op arcades into entertaining multi-player on home consoles, or the profitable seven year run of "Mega Man," Capcom had proven to be one of the best 2nd party developers that Nintendo had! But was Capcom willing to rest on their laurels of past accomplishments? The answer was thankfully, "NO!" Capcom decided instead of merely taking "Mega Man" into the 16 bit console generation, they actually re-invented him, making him faster, stronger, more powerful, and better than ever before! "Mega Man X" was the start of a new generation of "Mega Man" games set 100 years after the original "Mega Man" game series. Dr. Wily and mere robot man machines are out of the picture, but taking their place are a bunch of equally determined, equally villainous batch of animal themed machine robots headed by the notorious Sigma! The bosses Mega Man X must fight against are what might arguably the best bosses he's ever had to fight against, in some of the best stages to ever grace the Super Nintendo! And the music is really rocking to, my favorite is Tornado Eagle's stage as far as music and challenge goes! Whether you're an old fan or new to the world and realm of the entire "Mega Man" series, "Mega Man X" is definitely one of the best games to start off on in terms of challenge and accessibility, especially considering it only costs 800 points on Wii Virtual Console! :D It's definitely a rewarding experience! 8) Enough said, true believers! ;)