One of the best game our Mavrick-Hunter, X GAVE US!

User Rating: 10 | RockMan X SNES
First I was just wanna say that this was my very FIRST SNES GAME TO PLAY and the Cause to my SNES collection as well as turning me to a Mega Man X fan.

This Game right here, is the 2nd BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED (well for the SNES) It became such a classic to me and many other CAPCOM fans out there.

About a robot discovered in the year 21XX by good old, Dr.Cain who has taught em his reasons for being created and never let humans be harm. A blue suited Reploid who protects the world from evil and echos. This warrior is Mega Man X!

Now the game's is just pretty awesome, amazing story line, PERFECT gameplay, music that you'll want in your I pod or Mp3 desperately and the classic 8 pick boss selection.

Mega Man X must now stop the dark lord Sigma! from taken over the world, but he's not alone! along side em, His best Zero comes and helps X on his journey.........................................for now.

Now really guys, you CANNOT call yourself Mega Man fans if you never played this game, you just can't.

Above all, This game a true master piece and I personally find it as the BEST Mega Man X out there and STRONGLY recommend it to not just retro, but to ALL GAMERS OUT THERE!