My 1st impressions of MMX. If you're a big fan of the classic series, MMX won't compare to it, but its still a good time

User Rating: 7 | RockMan X SNES
I don't understand the love affair with this game. I just couldn't like it as much as others seem to. It's not a bad game, but it most certainly is off putting at times. The fact is that it starts you off at a real big disadvantage is such a turn off to me. Compared to other Mega Man games, you're at 50% capacity. On top of that if you want to increase your health you have to collect heart containers found on each level, as well as other various power ups to get you into better fighting condition. I won't lie that I liked this part of the game, finding hearts and items like the rechargeable E tanks and power ups for X is fun, but for a large part of it all, it only makes the game harder for no real reason from a gameplay stand point. Why can't I just start out with all my health? Why can't I just collect E tanks? I'm sure this is nitpicking to some, but the fact remains that it makes the game too hard in the beginning. Aren't you suppose to not do that? I understand Mega Man games have an inconsistent difficult, but they have always been somewhat equal starting out.

Perhaps that's my biggest reason for not liking this game as much, struggling so much at the beginning to just defeat a robot master? Sure it always takes a while to defeat robot masters with buster only, but this time it didn't feel fair. And once I started collecting items and power ups the game became far too easy. It went from very hard to very easy, with just a flip of the switch! In fact, the only time I had any difficultly afterwards was during Sigma's first stage, which was easily the hardest stage in the game, taking down Vile, a robot master, and a boss in the same stage is worst enough, but having to do some tricky jumps and platforming with annoying enemies getting in the way was just unbearable! I was quite worried after I finished the first stage only to find out that the rest of the game was a cake walk. Even the last boss, Sigma, wasn't hard simply because I could recharge my E tanks and weaponry before I fought him. It's not that I want the game to get harder because it's handing me things, but more so I want a consistent slope of difficulty. Another thing that really gets me is the over reliance of charge shots. Nearly everything in this game needs a charge shot, and your pee shooter simply doesn't cut it. Factor this in with wall jumping and you get some really uncomfortable hand positioning.

Despite my whinnying I recognize this game is, for all purposes, a good game. While it does have a few glaring flaws, the fact is, it's very addicting. Collecting items and power ups are fun, and the fact you feel stronger makes the story have such a bigger impact on you. This is in truth a story of how X becomes stronger so I suppose it makes sense, by a story point, of being weak in the beginning. But I really wish it didn't impact the difficulty of the game so much. I suppose this may be whinying to some, but I don't really have a problem with difficult as long as its consistent, but I suppose I'm just viewing this with my classic Mega Man eyes.

Conclusion: Mega Man X is a game that misses a few marks but it gets points for bringing something new to a somewhat stale series. While collecting items and power ups are fun, they shouldn't have impacted the beginning difficultly of this game. And if it weren't for the fact difficult is all over the place in this game, I would have like this game more, but that simply wasn't the case.