Return to MegaMan X's roots in his first battle against Sigma and the Mavericks!

User Rating: 9 | Irregular Hunter X PSP

The world is in dismay. The conflict between humanity and robots has begun once again and turmoil is all that fills the air in the world of MegaMan X. You start the game off as a novice Maverick Hunter, a job dedicated to stopping mavericks (bad robots) who have dove off the deep end and are terrorizing peace and order. The mavericks are robots who's have irregular processing, causing them to go berserk and attack people and their fellow 'bots. They're bent on destroying the current law and order and want to establish a new world for themselves.

This is the preset story of MegaMan X. The whole concept is very familiar to veterans of the franchise, but this is a fresh restart of a tiring series. Maverick Hunter X retells the story of MegaMan X, the game originally released for the SNES in 1994. Being a remake of the first game, this is good place to start for new players of the series and welcome breathe of fresh air for fans. Just about all of the original content from the source is left intact. With high production values, this title is a must play for new and old players.

I'll be using the names MegaMan X, and X in his review as he could go by either name.

Control: Just like the days of SNES, MegaMan X has precise jumping, wall-kicking, shooting and dashing movements. Solid controls are important to the MegaMan universe, in general, and this game's are spot on! Rating: 10/10

Sound: This may be the game's only point of weakness. Though sound effects are clean and clear, the music is taken into question. Fans of the original score may not like the high-tempo techno remixes of classic tunes. Some stages music is a little off in terms of setting and a little variation in style of music would have been good, but it's not a terrible ordeal. Rating 7/10

Graphics: The poly count on the in game models is a little less to be desired, but the characters all still look great. Attention to detail on stages was outstanding and the slight changes to some of the bosses are welcomed. Characters now interact with each other through a sort of RPG chat; like those in Disgaea. Particle effects with X's Megabuster are also nice and it's really satisfying to shoot a fully charged shot! The in-game cut scenes are well crafted and you can tell that a dedicated animation team did it, a fine addition to the solid gameplay. Rating: 9/10

Gameplay: Jump, shoot, power up and throw down against 8 maverick bosses and Sigma! Staying true to the classic, this title retains all the greatness it had back in 1994. Defeat a boss, get his power use it to your advantage against the next maverick. This formula is a staple to the MegaMan games. Rating: 10/10

Bonus: Not only do you get to play this game as the hero, MegaMan X, you can also unlock the extra story and game of Vile, X's enemy and bitter rival. Defeat the 8 maverick bosses and Sigma and you can also unlock a full short animated film about the origins of X!

Seeing as this game was released some time ago, you can probably find it used for a fair price, probably less than 15 USD. But if you want to support the publisher/developers, I encourage you to buy it new, which at the most is a mere 20 USD for a title that's well worth your time!