Mega Man X shows its age,but still is a challenging blast to play, and any one fond of plataforming should give it a try

User Rating: 8.5 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
The original Mega Man X was released in 1993, and maintained the classic Mega Man style with some modifications, and still to this day is considered one of the best SNES games. Here we have a remake of the game, with updated visuals and all. How does it stand to the test of time? Let's check.

The game uses a graphics style similar to Mega Man X8, with 3D models for everything, but still plays in 2D. It works, and the detail on the enviroments is exquisid. All the bosses and characters follow a style more similar to the more recent X games, and all fits this one game perfectly. If there is a negative point here is that the frame rate slows down constantly when there is too much onscreen, and that happens often, and can be quite annoying. 4.5/5

The music from the original game was really good, and many consire it one of the best Mega Man soundtracks. This remake opts for a remixed soundtrack, which is okay. You can still see the origins of the tracks, and bad they don't sound, but they aren't nearly as catchy as before, and don't leave a lasting impression. They fit the levels, but at times seem a bit generic.

On a plus side, there is voice acting here, with the voice actors from Mega Man X8 returning, and they do an amazing job. X himself sound really good, and the other characters fit very well. 4/5

The game is run and gun plataformer. You play as Mega Man X, on a mission to stop the evil Sigma, who is running a revolt with other Reploids (the robots), but is wreaking havoc on the world, and X has to stop it. They plot on this instalment is very simple, and only paves the way to more complex instalments.

Like other MM games, you have to go though 8 stages, and, when you reach the end, you have to fight a boss, who, after defeated will give you his power, who is effective on another boss, and so on until you beat all of them. After that, you have to beat Sigma's castle, and then beat himself. The formula still is intact, and works just as well as it did more than 10 years ago.

For those who have not played the X series before, there aren't that many differences between this series and the classic series. X can wall jump and can aquire power ups from his creator, dr. Light, on the enemy stages, and they will enhance your performance in some way. This is a neat feature of the series, and adds to the exploring factor of the game, as it gives you an incentive to go out and explore everything of the level. On a side note, the locations of the Light power have been shuffled from the original game, so expert players will have something new to learn.

Besides that, there really isn't anything else to say. They gameplay still as solid as it was back then, and is a lot of fun, though certain design choices are too old school to work now, mainly respawning enemies. You can kill a guy, and leaving the screen for just a centimiter from where he was will cause him to apear again, which is just bullsh**. Other than that, the high level of dificulty of the original still is present, though the dificulty is often only due to cheap enemy placement.

Adding the value to this package are two things: a new character to play as after you beat the game once, and a movie of the story. They are neat bonus, though the secret character isn't nearly as fun as Mega Man, and he just makes the game more difficuly.

Mega Man: Maverric Hunter X is a very fun game, and one that will impress Mega Man fans, and challenge everyone. Despite some design issues, this games does hold on to this day, and well worth playing.

The good:
-Plataforming and shooting still a lot of fun
-Changing dr. Light upgrades placement adds value to expert players
-Pretty visuals
-Very challenging, and two dificulty levels

The bad:
-Constant frame rate hicups
-Maintains some annoying designs from the original game
-Music is only okay
-Second character is not that enjoyable to play as