Awesome remake of a classic that's every bit as fun as the original.

User Rating: 9 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
Mega Man games are awesome, just classic 2D action in it's finest form, true, the series kind of derailed towards the end a bit, but the first X title in the franchise is a classic in every way and one of my favorite games of all time, this remake does not disappoint in the slightest, it's more or less the same game with minor changes and obviously better graphics, way better. The sound is the only criticism I have against the game, it sounds great don't get me wrong, amazing even in some stages, but some of the remixed tunes fall a bit flat when compared to the original ones, sure, they sound better, but they kind of lose some of their unique charm in the process. Voice acting is not that great, but still so unfathomably better than some of the voiceacting found in some other games in the franchise. If you're not familiar with Mega Man, you run through stages, kill enemies before facing bosses, gaining weapon upgrades and there are other upgrades as well, yes, the Hadoken is featured and it's not as hard to get a hold of this time around, the subtanks and energy tanks are placed in different spots which may annoy purists. The game is pure fun for Mega Man fans, it has all the characters we love, X, Zero, Sigma, okay, the latter may be unpopular amongst some fans lately due to overexposure, but he is badass here.

The game looks spectacular, there is sometimes a fair amount of slowdown, I know there was slowdown in the original title, but there were times it really slowed down to a crawl. The game is challenging, but the right kind of challenging, not like X6 among others more notoriously difficult entries, it's very rarely frustrating, I would say this is the perfect level of difficulty. I had some problems with the controller, I find it nearly impossible to pull off an Hadoken on the D-pad without randomly hammering on it, it's not that tricky using the circle pad though. The levels are among the very best including the maverick bosses which are quite memorable. Vile appears of course, but this time you also get the chance to play as this character after beating the game once on any difficulty, you also get an OVA movie, so I don't know, I have played 4 PSP games on my PSP, this is the best one, I loved Mega Man Powered Up, but this is such an excellent and respectful remake of a classic game, I still have such strong nostalgic feelings for the original Mega Man X, I can't tell which game is the best one, I still love both though.