to me this game is just a rip-off. See why it is a rip-off

User Rating: 4 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
This game is a rip-off to me because the front cover looks cool. I even thought this game was awesome. But then when I just played it, it was a rip-off. The graphics are good but then their is nothing to do. All you do is just fight these mavericks. Their is also a demo with the game. It is megaman power up. I thought you get to play other games but all you do is just fight one person and then it is finished. And this game doesn't look like a demo. And this game is hard. I love it when it is hard but this game is a little too hard. When I am playing this game, it looks like I am playing on a ds, instead of playing on the psp. I think this game was not ment to be on the psp. I also think the game's music should be a bit loud. It is not like I can't hear the music it is just that the sound affects are to loud. The other thing I like about the game is that some of the story modes are awesome. I love that. I don't know if other people think they like the story mode but I do.