Megaman Maverick Hunter X is one of the greatest, most heavily worked on remakes I have ever played.

User Rating: 9 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
When I was first introduced to the Megaman franchise, I was not impressed. "That looks like a blue ripoff of Mario with a gun", I said. Shortly after, I played Megaman 2. I still thought the game was a bit overrated, considering it's short length and ridiculous difficulty. However, it grew on me, much like Final Fantasy may grow on an FPS fan. About six months ago, thinking I was all done, having beaten megaman games 1-8 and megaman x games 1-4, I found out about a megaman game for the psp. I was in awe, as to how the psp is currently my favorite handheld system. Knowing the flops of megaman X863 blue star moon red ace joker zero X 6: super starforce battle network 5 EVOLVED ZX Extreme, and all of it's low production value and repetition-infested cousins, I was a bit hesitant to try out this game. But when I got my hands on this masterpiece, I flipped. Expecting some kind of straight copy remake, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX style, I instead was treated to a beautiful blend of 2.5D graphics, exciting, enhanced gameplay, and wonderful visuals. Not only that, but Vile Mode is monsterous. Now that my fit is over, on to the rating section.

Story: 8/10
Okay, so the story wasn't all that great in this game. You know why? Because I have seen it all before. Until, of course, I beat the game with X and was treated to a full-length, 27-minute cinematic, The Day of E (Sigma), and I was rather impressed to learn more about Sigma, his relations to X and Zero, and the way he turned on the city.

Gameplay: 10/10
All Megaman games, with the exception of the horrendous GBA and DS spam games, insure high-quality and innovative gameplay. However long repeated, the gameplay is always good. This game, however, is even better. The wonderful layout of the levels and environments really stuck out in this game.

Graphics: 9/10
While it's not exactly 3D, every sidescroller should have something special about it, whether it is extreme difficulty, strange, new ideas, or 2.5D graphics. These were another great improvement from the original game, and the cinematics were great, especially the day of E.

Length: 8/10
Length is never a good area in a Megaman game, but I am always willing to give up quantity for some serious quality. The game was, however, helped, by the exclusive and fun Vile Mode.
Collecting all the containers as X to get the illusive Haedoken Fireball from the Abandoned Missile Base is always worth the wait, however the Z Buster may not be...

Controls: 10/10
While most PSP games attempt full 3D environments, 3D platforming, and 3D camera views, they usually suffer from poor camera controls, short campaign mode, and long loading times. Being a sidescroller, this game has no camera problems, barely any loading times, and a moderately long campaign. The controls were very responsive and fluidly easy to learn, having only about 5 basic controls. The perfect PSP game is one where you can see your character at all times.

In conclusion, this game was, indeed, amazing. While there was no multiplayer, the MMPU demo was good, and I can't get over Vile Mode. The only things that could have made this game better are co-op and a level editor.