An extremely great Megaman game and remake.

User Rating: 9.5 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
(NOTE: Many of my reviews here aren't as SPOCIOUS as they should be... so... please bear with it)

Megaman Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the classic 1993 SNES title, Megaman X. It doesn't kill that title at all. Definitely one of the greatest MMX games ever made. Graphics: Ah, Superb for a PSP game. They look so nice even in today's standards. The visuals are great and the environments are solid. The animated movies look absolutely great. It would be a nice anime if you ask me. Gameplay- Retaining the classic run 'n' gun gameplay that Megaman is known for, this should not disappoint. The controls are great and you get the feeling you are Megaman X. A great challenge as they deliver huge loads of memorizations for you to be a pro. And once you get thing straight, you should be fine. The boss fights can be a total piss off at times. But I will forgive this. Sound- The voice acting has improved a lot. They put much more emotion than in X8. The sound effects are just as nice as the visuals. I personally think X, Zero, and Sigma have the best voice acting in this game. Closing Comments- Megaman Maverick Hunter X shouldn't disappoint old timers and new timers. A fantastic remake.