Not quite perfect, but more than enough, Megaman Maverick Hunter X justifies buying the PSP.

User Rating: 8.7 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
Megaman X. It's one of the longer running series in the history of gaming, with a rabid cult following and the full support of it's publisher, Capcom. The series has had its' peaks and valleys, but the series as a whole is a sure fire bet for excellent old-school action.

The first game in the series is widely regarded as one of the best platformers to ever grace the SNES, and a fitting tribute is paid to that legacy here in Megaman Maverick Hunter X. While a few things were changed to keep the game from being too easy for the veterans, it's not so much that the game is unrecognizable. On the contrary, this game oozes the classic Megaman style.

The game isn't the most graphically intensive one out there. However, it doesn't really need to be. Everything looks bright, big and anime-like, the way the series was meant to look. The anime-style cutscenes (which became a staple in the series after Megaman X4) are an amazing addition, and really bring the game to life. The only problem with the graphics is that there are a couple of spots of slowdown when the action gets particularly hot and heavy. That shouldn't happen too often, however, and doesn't really affect anything.

Audio is also top-notch here. The PSP's speakers clearly deliver all the explosions, shots and battlecries as Megaman causes chaos in his hunt for the Mavericks of Sigma's army. Music is composed of remakes of the original tunes, and while they sound a lot more like actual rock music than the synth of the original Megaman X ever could, the feel of those classic tracks is still there.

Voice work is surprisingly good here. Everyone in the game seems to be well cast, and their over-exaggerated acting fits perfectly into the crazy anime story that it Megaman Maverick Hunter X. Capcom should make it a point to measure Megaman voicework against this game in the future.

Controls are basically the same as the SNES version oh so long ago. If you've played Megaman X, then this remake should pose no threat to you. However, the square button, being as it's not aligned right because of those design specifications Mr. Kutaragi is so proud of, doesn't quite stay held when you hold it, resulting in accidental shots. This gets annoying when you're trying to hold a charge.

The PSP is sorely lacking in great games. Frustrated PSP owners can do much, much worse than to revisit the old days with Megaman Maverick Hunter X.