An Instant Classic

User Rating: 8.8 | Irregular Hunter X PSP
The Mega Man X Collection was fantastic. It was a port, of course, but not a bad port. Now for the PSP we receive Maverick Hunter X which is nothing more than a recreation of a Super Nintendo classic. However, it is a fantastic recreation!

In 1993 CAPCOM began the Mega Man X series, which was a more action packed beefed up version of the original Mega Man games. The series takes place in the year 21XX, about one-hundred years after the original series. A band of renegade reploids known as Mavericks are waging war with humans, and they're being led by an evil reploid (and former hunter) named Sigma. It is up to Mega Man X to lead the band of Maverick Hunters against these mavericks.

To the veterans of the original 1993 classic on the SNES, the gameplay is virtually the same. In some areas it feel too familiar as the level layouts and enemy placements and patterns are about the same. This isn't such a bad thing, of course, if you enjoyed the original game. Like most every other Mega Man game, you'll choose a level and work your way to the boss and then collect his weapon.

Bosses typically use the same pattern they did in the original. They might alter them a little, but not so much that they don't seem familiar.

The 3D graphics are incredible. The enemies, backgrounds, platforms, everything from the loveable SNES version is there, only completely rendered in 3D. You'll recognize all the foes and all the levels. It's beautiful and perfect for a handheld such as the PSP.

The music is a mixed bag It's remixed from the SNES version, but you'll either like it or hate it. Some tracks sound really good, others really don't. The ones that sound good you'll love, but the ones that don't will definitely show.

A few differences are in place. If you remember where the location of the capsules were, you might as well forget them. Capsules are--for those who are new to the series--what will give X his power ups for his legs, X-Buster, helmet and body armor. They're not in the same location as the SNES. The capsules are located in different levels, and some of the power ups you'll have to have.

A game like Maverick Hunter X isn't very long at all. Luckily, there are a few extras that are worthwhile. The story is now told in Anime cutscenes. After completing the game you'll be able to view a half-hour cutscene that gives lots of backstory to the series. Likewise, after completing the game you'll be able to play as Vile! Vile is known as one of X's adversaries, but you'll be able to play as him here. He's got some pretty cool things he can do being that he's got weapons everywhere.

However, there will be times upon playing this game where those who were practically in love with the original will probably want to boot up the old SNES original. I say go for it, to compare. It'll help you appreciate just how beautiful this game is.

This is a remake of a game done right. The way it's done is absolutely perfect and something any Mega Man X fan should invest in. Yes, it is worthwhile. Sometimes even better than the SNES original.

The Good
+Remake of one the greatest 2D side-scrollers of all time
+The gameplay is still remarkable
+It look gorgeous
+There is a lot more story told
+Neat extras

The Bad
-Some of the music isn't great

For Hardcore Fans... definitely!