Mega Man impresses in this fantastic 3D sequel, which itself deserves the sequel it's (hopefully) getting.

User Rating: 8.5 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
The two Mega Man Legends game are some of the hardest MM games to get a hold of, they can sell for insane prices, but they are worth looking for, and if you can find it for a reasonable price, you should definitely consider giving it a chance, I know neither games sold all that well, but it looks like there will finally be a Mega Man Legends 3, unless Capcom all of a sudden decides to scrap that project as well. Anyway, I do own both Legends games, but this is the first one I've played, I am a big fan of the 2D Mega Man games, and I was curious to see if this 3D action/adventure game with some RPG elements would be as impressive as others have said it is, well, it is very enjoyable and certainly was money well spent. It is very different than, say, the X series, not just in terms of gameplay, this is more cutesy, I really dig the character designs, Roll is awesome, and I like Tron Bonne as well. Mega Man doesn't have a helmet at the beginning and that's something you have to find, I don't know why anyone would care that much, but there you go. This is a pretty big game, it took me 10 hours and 44 minutes to beat the game, and I didn't even have my collector's hat on, I mean, I skipped a lot of the caves and didn't explore too much, though it would've made the final boss a hell of a lot easier as I could've upgraded myhoming missile launcher to the max, but the challenge was just right at that point and it was a fun battle.

The bosses are actually fairly lame, in terms of design anyway, some are just big blobs and stuff like that, the aforementioned final boss is pretty cool, though it has some incredibly cheap attacks, one hit can deplete your entire life energy bar, so be sure to stock up on energy packs and whatnot. The game has a bunch of small fun details and stuff to discover, kicking cans into a trash can will give you money, a race mode to find and Mega Man seeing Roll naked...wait, what? Oh, right, it's a japanese game, those pervs, no, but seriously, you don't see the scene, you just hear it, he also gets to see Tron Bonne naked, their voices make them seem very young so it's kind of creepy, but again, you don't see anything, it's all off screen and it's not like this is new in japanese games and animation. The voice acting is fairly lousy, but that I've come to accept in a Mega Man game, so no big deal. There were parts I didn't enjoy that became more tedious than necessary, like the water cave where you move so slowly it's unbelievably, slogging through it is a real pain. The controls are pretty good when you get the hang of it, though the lock-on aim can be bothersome, sometimes not cooperating at all and targeting anything else but the part you want to shoot. The S rank digger license test is so annoying, I almost made it, but time ran out, so I didn't complete it, but it's not necessary in order to finish the game.

Mega Man Legends 2 is one of the best Playstation games I've played, it holds up really well, and small quibbles aside, you should consider searching for a copy, chances are you'll find it worth the trouble.