A triumphant return

User Rating: 9 | Mega Man Legends 2 PS
For anyone who has read my Megaman Legends review, noot much about the second game has changed from the first. The story is still great, the game is fun and the controls function almost identically.

There is as much to explore as in the first game, however, instead of being on just Kattelox Island you have the freedom to travel the entire southern hemisphere of the Legends 2 world map. As you play new locales open up and they have several different things to do on them. The subquests return, as do the buster and sub weapon customization systems. Enhancements may once again be bought or found in dungeons or shops, and there are several townsfolk to interact with in each town. Several new characters are introduced like Glyde and his birdbots (a definite foil to the bonnes, and also the inspiration for Yai's navi in the battle network series), a woman who looks like Roll's mother and the enigmatic Mistress Sera.

Despite these great remaining features I can't help but feel like they could have implemented some changes to differentiate the overall combat of the sequel. Hopefully the upcoming 3rd game will enhance the overall experience.